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Monday, June 19, 2017 DAY 4

Reminder to all of our Grade 6 students, that you have an all-day field trip tomorrow. Busses will be leaving after morning announcements. Please be sure to bring your lunch with you.

Reminder to our grade 7/8 students, you will be leaving just after morning annoucements for your morning field trip.

Reminder to students that the Canteen is closed for the rest of this school year. Students are reminded to ensure they bring a lunch to school with them starting next week for the remainder of the school year.

The last practice for Jazz 1 is Tuesday morning, June 20th.  

The last practice for Jazz 2 is Monday after school, June 19th

Athletic schedules for practices and games are found on Ness' Blog. The link for Ness's Blog is found on our homepage of the website, and a quick link is also found below the Announcement section in the Sports Page section.

Reminders for students:

- Students who are arriving early to school in the morning, who are not participating in before school activities, you are not to be going to your lockers and should remain outside until the bell rings. The library will be open at 8:20 am for those students who would prefer to go to the Library to read or do school work. Students that are participating in before school activities are reminded that they are to remain at their activities until the morning bell rings. 

- Students are reminded that Heelies are not to be worn in the school. Using the wheels in the school are a safety concern.

- Those students who go into the Library before school in the morning,please take all your belongings from the library when you leave to go to your locker. 

- Students cell phones are not to be used during the school day. They are to be kept locked inside your locker during the school day, from 8:50 am (student entry time) until the afternoon dismissal time (3:45 or 3:10 on early dismissal days).

- On Day 5's of the school day cycle, you will have Health Class in Room 114 instead of Gym.

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